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Webinar presentation: design researcher
With students at home at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, IBM’s P-TECH program hosted webinars for high school and university students to learn about skills for “new collar jobs”. P-TECH hosted webinars about cybersecurity, quantum computing, and human-centred design. I had the opportunity to share my experience and educate students on the role of the design researcher.
I collaborated with a fellow IBM design researcher to shape this presentation and also designed some take home research exercises. For those who wanted to start doing design research at home, I prepared some MadLibs-inspired activities for them to conduct usability tests on their household items.Before the team met in Boston, we met online to start investigating the biggest challenges in cancer-care in Sub-Saharan African countries. We met in Boston to do a three-week workshop with nurses, doctors, and specialists.
Abstract pink coloured image of the bloodstream.Infant sitting in the middle of lots of baby food containers.